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Here you can find a actual overview of the still availble booths.
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Last update: 05-05-2022 (17:00 hrs)

Bold Brochure & Sign-in form

Click on the image to download the Bold Brochure (on the left)
or the Bold sign-in form (on the right).

Available booths: MILK FACTORY

As soon as there are registrations, an overview of the participating brands will appear here.

Available booths: LOODS 8

As soon as there are registrations, an overview of the participating brands will appear here.

3 booth types to choose from


• Media Package Deal included: One editorial per brand in Bold magazine;
• Several mailing campaigns toall the Dutch and Belgium opticians;
• You can choose where you would like to stand, choose your own booth number;
• Good and fast communication to participants and visitors;
• All booths are equipped with 4 LED Lights and black rope curtains on the side;
• Including lunch for participants and no hidden extra costs;
• Online attention on Social Media per brand and A brand page on the Bold website;
• Bold: Flyers and stickers.

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Other Important information

Exhibition location:
Westkanaaldijk 7
3542 DA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Down Payment:
At registration we ask for a down payment of 500 euro, this will be settled with the final invoice. Only upon payment of the deposit is the participation finally confirmed and the booth of your choice reserved. If the payment is not made, no claim can be made to the booth of your choice.

Our bank account number: NL89INGB0007194266
in the name of:
Bold Optical Fair BV

Contact information
Organization contact info:
Walter: +31 (0)616678376
Terressa: +31 (0)623424508

Please enter these dates in your google calendar. If you miss one of the deadlines you risk the possiblity we can not have your roll-up banner or advertisement ready before the fair. There will be no restitution!

Editorial – website –
social media:
Deadline:  Yesterday!
What do we need: A information text about your brand, your logo and one or two images we may use.

Deadline: 01-07-2022!
What do we need: a pdf file in the right size and bleed around.

Roll-up banner:
Deadline: 15-08-2022!
What do we need: a ‘ready to go’ pdf or jpg file. Size: 100 cm wide x 205 cm high with 5 mm bleed around.

Promotion MATERIAL:
It is not permitted to hand out flyers or any other promotional material on the location, it is only permitted to provide promotional material within your own booth. Leaving promotional material behind is not allowed, please ask the organization where you can dispose of leftovers.

At the moment, it is not yet clear what the guidelines will be regarding Corona. We will keep a close eye on RIVM and follow the latest guidelines. We will give more information about this just before the fair starts.

Any questions?
Please send us an email:

New location: De Fabrique - Utrecht